Tonebooster (tm)

by Stephen Grosvenor



Introducing the new Tonebooster by Stephen Grosvenor.


A brand new pedal based on a classic vintage pedal, (the famous Tonebender Mark One), as used by Mick Ronson, Jimmy Page and many others.

Original mark one Tonebenders are impossible to find nowadays, and are therefore regarded as a "Holy Grail" pedal by many guitarists. They have an unmistakeable classic fuzz tone that can only be produced by germanium transistors. However, germanium transistors, (with the correct properties for the Tonebender circuit), are becoming much harder to find nowadays. Production of the original germanium transistors was discontinued in the 1970's in favour of silicon devices. But silicon cannot match germanium for use in these pedals. Selection of the transistors used in the Tonebender circuit is critical for an authentic tone, and a successful build is very hard to achieve. With my new Tonebooster pedal, I have captured the vintage tone that everyone seems to be looking for.

The pedal has some modern refinements not present in the original vintage pedals:

1. True Bypass

2. Anti pop switching.

3. LED indicator.

4. Heavy duty waterproof sealed die-cast enclosure.

Each pedal is hand built using specially selected new old stock vintage germanium transistors, high quality components, and tag strip point to point wiring, to ensure years of reliable service. The pedal comes with a twelve month guarantee.

These boutique hand built pedals represent great value for money at 225 plus shipping.


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